Here is a great overview over our Frequently Asked Question, to help you get all your answers quick and easy. If you still cant find the answer of your questions, feel free to contact us a any time.

General Questions

1What are the system requirements?
We created our budgeting software so that it will work on any computer, tablet or smartphone. All that is required to use our cutting edge budgeting software is your favorite browser. We support all to top browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on..
2If my data is online, is it safe?
Your data could not be safer with our budgeting software. We keep your data highly encrypted on our secure server so that you never have to worry about them pesky hackers.
3Does the software require my bank account information?
No! We do not require any banking or credit card details.
4Do you ever share my information?
We would never share any of your information. We take your information seriously and all expense and income is private.
5How do I change my profile settings?
Changing your profile settings is very simple. Just log into your budgeting dashboard and use the left navigation menu to select 'Profile Settings'. From here you can control options like your currency, user name, address and so on.
6Does the software support all currencies?
Our budgeting software supports all major currencies Euro, US $, Canadian $, Australian $, Danish Krone, Pound Sterling, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zlote and Swedish Krona. Feel free to email us if you do not see your currency listed above and we will add for you.
7How can I delete my budget?
Deleting your budget is easy. Simply navigate to budgets in your dashboard, select the budget that you would like to delete and click on the delete icon. Simple..
8How can I keep my saving goals?
We allow all of our users to download CSV copies of all their records. Simply click on the export button beside any report that you would like to download.
9I just added a transaction, but I need to change it, can I fix it?
No problem. Every transaction has an edit icon beside it. Simply click on the edit icon and you can easily edit the expense.
10What is a "recurring" transaction?
A "recurring" transaction is a transaction or an expense that will recur over a certain time frame. Let's take John for example. John pays $400 per month on rent. This happens every month for John. This is what we refer to as "recurring" transaction because it will happen every month.
11What is a Dashboard?
The dashboard is the pride of our comp nay. Our talented coding team worked tirelessly for the dashboard to work seamlessly. The Dashboard is the interface that you see when you login to your budget area.
12Can I create several budgets?
Yes, you can simply create several budgets
13Can I pay my bills with the software?
We do not offer a bill paying solution at this time. But we are working on it behind the scenes and hope to present a solution to our customers in the future.
14Do you have a section for financial advice on Budgeting?
We are not financial advisors but are always open to referring people that are. We do however offer a blog for...

In-house Experts

1Why cant you give Financial advise?
We do not give financial advise. Our goal is to give you a detailed overview of your income and expenditure. We do provide many articles with tips that may help you save money. We do not take responsibility for your finances. We advise that you contact your local bank for that information.
2How do I get started with Budgeting?
Simply log into the dashboard with log in details that we emailed to you. Add your expenses and incomes and our budgeting software will do the rest. Be sure to add every expense and income so that you can see a full report of your weekly/monthly/yearly budget.
3How does envelope budgeting work?
Envelope budgeting is the process of storing your money in separate categories. Traditionally, a person would cash out their pay check, and put money into physical envelopes with the names of different household expenses on them—rent, groceries, utilities, etc.
4What is Income? What is Expense?
Income refers to they money that you receive during the week/month/year. Expense refers to out going monies during any week/month/year.
5Is budgeting goals important?
We think that budgeting goals are very important. Please take some time to read through our expertly written articles for more on this subject.
6How can I avoid spending more than I earn?
By using our expert budgeting software. You will quickly get an overview of your spending and can easily make adjustments in your day to day routine to help curb the unnecessary expenditure.